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SHIFT 2 Executive Meetings

SHIFT 2 Executive Meetings

Improve your meetings. Make them more efficient, and reach better results.

Executives are busy people with multiple topics in their minds. They often participate in more than one committee which makes it difficult to follow up on tasks and decisions while preparing information for the next.

Office 365 is a great platform to manage documents, tasks, mails, and agenda. This information, however, is often managed in multiple apps which require multiple searches to understand what’s pending, what are the latest versions of the documents, the agenda for next meeting, among other topics.

The executive meeting app supports assistants and executive teams to organize recurrent meetings according to specific topics and follow up on tasks, decision, notes coming out of the meeting, documents that are required to read or prepare for the following meeting, among other information. All without you – or any information – leaving your O365 environment and using the existing information and security infrastructure

The app

List with Upcoming Meetings and Tasks and go to the Meeting Details
Meeting topic management: Put them in the course, postpone and close the topic or edit it.

Room management:
When choosing local meeting, the app will check with Exchange available meeting rooms.


Main Features

Create your Agenda
Create the agenda topics and assign them to the participants, adding duration details and description.
Vote on Meeting Topics
Define if there is going to be a vote on any of the agenda items – allow for public or private voting and see results in real-time in anonymous or named format.
Add Documents to Meeting Points

Add any important documents that should be read and reviewed before or during the meeting.

Have Active Participation

In the online meeting pane, amongst other functions, the participants will be able to access relevant documents, decisions, and notes and participate in voting or queries when requested.

Meetings Minute
All agenda items, as well as objectives, decisions, and voting, will automatically be integrated into the document to be reviewed and signed (e-sign or by hand). Track meeting minute stage – waiting for approval, approved and to be signed.
Interact directly from within the teams meeting.
In teams you’ll have an online meeting pane where, amongst other functions, the participants will be able to access relevant documents, decisions, and notes and participate in voting or queries when requested. The app is fully integrated with the MS Teams interface, enabling a rich experience before, during, and after the meeting. When running online meetings, this app will provide participants with a dedicated pane where they can interact live with different functions.



Increase efficiency from an integrated experience with a single point of entry for all information

Better results from meetings due to better preparation and follow-up on tasks.

Better Security by using only O365 integrated with digital signatures and with Azure information Protection to keep sensitive information safe according to company policies.

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