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Low Code Capacitation Program

Low Code Capacitation Program

IT is fundamental to support an effective business operation, ranging from core business to support functions.

However IT is under pressure to address requests ranging from security to regulatory requirements, leaving a trail of longer than expected delivery times to address business requirements and digital transformation initiatives.

We believe business users are best suited in fulfilling some if not most of their business requests. However, this cannot be achieved just by giving a green light to Power Users, you need to setup a comprehensive framework for them to create in an enterprise environment where data sources and corporate rules are respected.

Steps to



Trying simple apps and currently understanding the potencial of PowerApps.



Develop and deploy dozens of operational apps. Advanced training Support on more complex apps Center of Excellence Establishment UX/UI services



Several apps deployed including more complex apps. Support on more complex apps Center of Excellence Estalishment UX/UI services

Capacitation Program

Center of Excelence program Management and Leadership
Oversees the program, manage independencies & drive strategy
Modern Service Management (MSM)
Provides support for end-users & tracks issues to resolution
Platform Enablement
Provides overall administration, tooling and guidance for the platform

Business Case

Provides overall business rational on why is the organization doing this and prioritize work

Adoption and changes Management (ACM)

Supports ACM community, awarenness and training needs

Citizen and developer enablement

Provides development and testing capability and expertise to the citizen development teams across business units

Where to start
Business case definition

We need ideias and people engagement to develop them:

Develop an app in a day session for the organization

To demonstrate the potential of the platform and get people enthusiasm.

Brainstorm sessions per department

 Using design thinking techniques to identify ideas identify the potential for Low Code apps.

Business case for Power Platform

Build a compelling business case for low code.

Capacitation Framework

Implement and deploy governance and development framework.

Addressing the Challenges
Shift Approach

Different levels of training tailored to the organization
Training and online support to assist different level of proficiencies
Define a common set of rules, naming conventions and best practices for everyone – to include in the training
Define a governance model where the data sources are managed by a specific team to avoid overlaps
Define a common UI and UX structure and rules to reuse across projects
Define an application lifecycle Management process to control the selection, development, testing and roll out of the apps

Building Capabilities

We provide a holistic approach to build these capabilities within the organization:


A comprehensive training program from basic to advanced;

Governance model

To control what, who and how can apps be planned and build

Methodologies and tools

Such as components, UI/UX models and best practices

Change management

To drive adoption

Online support

To assist users on building /finishing the apps.

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