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Shift 2 Digital Business Cards

Shift 2 Digital Business Cards

Time to make those paper cards obsolete!


A full Digital Business Cards solution that replaces the traditional business paper cards with a modern solution, multi-device that transform the user experience to exchange contacts.

SHIFT2DBC is unique in the Digital Business Card solutions as all data is stored on your Microsoft 365 tenant, optionally integrated with your ERP.

In addition, it has no monthly fees as it leverages the licenses that you already have, effectively reducing your monthly costs.


Main Features

Avoid duplicating information

Integrate with ERP and fetch information from your local HR database (to be implemented on demand).

Personalize your
Digital Card

Each employee or line manager can suggest changes to the card (role name, showing or not showing certain contacts, adding other contacts and link to social site). These changes will be approved by a manager before becoming available to be shared.

Share the business card

Share your card by NFC (either using a physical card or a tag), Linkedin, Whatsapp or just have your QR code in your outlook signature.

Linkt to corporate website

Once someone follows your link they will arrive at a multimedia page, accessible and adapted to any device. This page will feature your corporate information where they can download a Vcard or follow a link to your LinkedIn page or other.

Multimedia Support

Store information in multiple media, such as a Physical NFC card or Tag, QR code in the email, virtual card in Apple or Google Wallet among other possibilities.

Multiple Language

All the information on digital business card can be displayed in different languages. Multiple language support (up to 2 at a time, more implemented on demand)


View in dashboard, how many times your information was accessed, how many times the contacts were downloaded and by whom.

Quick edits

Allow employees, or line managers, to suggest changes to the business card (such as preferred contact, role, and how the name shows among others) approve it and make it public.

Multiple languages

All the information on digital business card can be displayed in different languages. The user can select the language to display.


User can monitor how many visualizations of whom has viewed and saved our card, as well as who has exchanged our card.

Share the Business Card

The business cards can be shared via link (or QR code) via email, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp.




Reduce Costs: Digital Business Cards cost a fraction of the equivalent paper card.

Easy to update business information, no need to reprint cards

All your data resides in the same Microsoft 365 cloud that you already have

No need to re enter employee information if you integrate with your ERP

Secure: It can benefit from existing security policies in Microsoft 365


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